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Children’s corner: Kids’ Workshop discovers your children’s inclination

This November, Diwan bookstore hosted a “kids’ workshop center program” bag painting workshop at its Qirtassiya branch.

At the two-hour workshop, participants were divided into 3-5 and 6-12 year age groups. They were provided with glittering fabric colors and customized stencils to help them paint their designs on the white shoulder bags.

Nardeen Atro, the owner of the kids’ workshop program and professor at the Ain Shams University and the American University in Cairo said that they offer five different centers including art, drama, crafts, games and science for children from 3 to 12 years old.

The different centers help parents to discover their children’s interests and talents.

“We have to let young kids experience different activities to learn of their inclination towards a specific skill,” she added.

Atro began her program back in 2007 when she began a book club at Diwan’s Heliopolis branch while working as a volunteer. The scheme proved a major success with parents.

“As the business took off, I decided to take it more seriously and start up my first Kids program center in 2008,” she explained.

Besides offering its services to individuals, the entertainment and educational center holds workshops for international schools that care deeply about their pupil’s creative sides.

“I have expanded my business to clubs including Gezira, Sporting, Heliopolis and Rehab, aiming to target a broader clientele,” she stated.

Kids’ workshop attempts to come up with innovative ideas to help explore and bring out the child’s creative side. Last summer, a Kapla wooden block castle competition was held in Marina. Children competed with their parent and the winners received 1000LE worth of medium sized Kapla.

“We are going to have a new competition to choose the best three short story writers and publish their works in a book to encourage children to master their writing skills at a young age,” Atro said.

The centers are run by a staff of 25 professional instructors and assistants ranging in age from 14-50. “Junior instructors are young people who have already participated in our workshops and have decided to explore the activities more thoroughly by teaching new members. However, they receive training first to ensure they have the capability to instruct other children,” Arto added.  

She concluded by explaining that both her program and Diwan bookstores themselves are aiming to achieve the same goal of enhancing the cultural development of Egyptian society.

“I guess the way they (Diwan) are forward thinking in this manner is the reason behind their success,” She said.

Kids’ workshop offers:

1-Weekend workshops – 90 minute workshops on Fridays and Saturdays at 2 centers.

2- Midyear vacation packages – A 6 day tailored program at all 5 centers in January and February.

3- Christmas break package – A 6 day tailored program in December.

4- summer packages – A 12 day program in June, July and August.

5- School trips – All year round, pre-school to grade 6 workshops.

6- Birthday packages – birthday celebrations with interactive activities.

Kids’ workshop

Location: Alef bookstore Heliopolis, Diwan bookstore Heliopolis and soon Heliopolis club.

Tel: 011 008 96 30 – 010 578 64 58


Facebook fan page: Kids workshop

Diwan bookstore Qirtassiya

Address: 177, 26th July Street, Zamalek.

Tel: 2736 0509 – 012 861 10 66

Diwan bookstore Heliopolis

Address – 105, Abu Bakr El Seddiq St. Heliopolis

Tel: 2690 8184/85

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