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Children’s corner: How to make your own Ramadan lantern

This Ramadan, the Great Cairo Library in Zamalek has been running a number of craft workshops for children aged from six to 15 years. Among the activities aimed at stretching kids' creative thinking and deepening their interest in art was a lesson on how to build a fanous (Ramadan lantern).

Yasser Mostafa, the library's manager, believes that developing children’s artistic skills is an issue that has long been ignored. “Since the country is passing through a new phase, we thought it is time to instill the importance of production and creativity in future generation,” he said.
“Kids feel enthusiastic about creating something useful with their own hands. It helps them to bring out their creative side and discover their inclinations.”
Mostafa added that the artistic workshops have been well-received especially in summer as children get more free time to enjoy new crafts.
“We are planning to include a workshop on the 25 January revolution among other workshops we organize at special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and 6 October,” he said
Here are the steps to creating a personalized Ramadan lantern with your kids.  
Things you will need:
Translucent paper, such as vellum
Sheets of craft foam (choose your favorite colors, but make sure they go well together)
Cutter or scissors
Decorative hole punch, beads or glitter (optional)
Wide satin ribbon
Choose the design you like the most from the internet, then print it out – sites that can help include this site and this site.
Trace the outline of the design on translucent vellum.
Cut out sides of the same dimensions from the sheets of craft foam using cutter or scissors and leave space for glueing the sides together.
Glue the pieces of vellum on the foam and press gently by running your hand over the surface.
Leave it to dry for 15 minutes.
Start to glue each side together till it becomes a complete lantern.
Follow the same steps for the top and base of the lantern.
Glue some beads to embellish the lantern or make holes of different shapes in the vertical slits by decorative paper punch.
Make two holes at the top on opposite sides.
Put a wide satin ribbon through the holes – then hang it.

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