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Children in Gaza are suffering “relentless mental harm,” charity warns

From CNN's Pauline Lockwood

Children in Gaza are experiencing “relentless mental harm” after five months of war, hunger, displacement and years of a blockade, according to nongovernmental organization Save the Children, which talked to mental health services and four parents in the strip.

In a report released on Tuesday, one parent told the organization:

“I wouldn’t even say that their mental health has deteriorated – it’s been obliterated. Complete psychological destruction.”

Another said:

“Children here have seen everything. They’ve seen the bombs, the deaths, the bodies – we can’t pretend to them any more. Now they understand and have seen everything. Now, my son can even tell what types of explosives are falling – he can hear the difference.”

According to the report, the collapse of healthcare and psychological services in Gaza limits the possibility that children will get the treatment they need to recover.

Director of Save the Children for the Occupied Palestinian Territory Jason Lee said there is hope the psychological impacts of the war could be reversed with support, but added that “none this is possible without an immediate, definitive ceasefire and safe, unfettered aid access so that humanitarians can provide the critical support needed.”

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