Chief of staff ready to talk to revolutionary youths

Chief of Staff Sami Anan is willing to meet with the revolutionary youths, hear their demands and brief them of “what they do not know about transparency,” said Anan in a telephone conversation with Wafd Party President al-Sayed al-Badawy, according to the latter’s account.

Badawy added that Anan confirmed what had been agreed to in his meeting with 12 political figures and presidential candidates, namely the formation of a national salvation government to achieve the goals of the revolution and immediately stop violence from all sides.

He also said that Anan instructed the interior minister to stop using tear gas against demonstrators and the health minister to examine the type of gas used.

Anan reiterated the right to peaceful demonstrations that do not damage public or private property, according to Badawy.

He also told him that the attorney general has released all protesters who have been arrested since Saturday, except five due to be released soon.

Anan said that the state would cover the costs of medical treatment for wounded protesters, compensate families of the martyrs, and bring those responsible for the violence to a public trial.

He added that police stations in several cities were attacked, even though they exist, he said, to protect the citizens. He said he considers the attack on the Interior Ministry an attack on the state’s prestige and sovereignty.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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