Chief coroner approves Mubarak’s transfer to Tora prison hospital

Newly-appointed Chief Coroner Kamil Ihsan Georgy said Hosni Mubarak is in stable condition and can be moved to the Tora prison hospital in Cairo, referring to a report by the medical team that examined Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh Thursday.

But sources at the Ministry of Interior said it would take three weeks to acquire the necessary medical equipment for the prison hospital.

Doctors at the Sharm el-Sheikh hospital said Mubarak’s psychological state slightly improved when he received flowers and greeting cards from supporters on his 83rd birthday on 4 May.

The 6 April movement in Damanhour celebrated Mubarak’s birthday by holding a popular trial for him that sentenced him to death by hanging.

In Cairo, altercations erupted when Mubarak’s supporters tried to celebrate his birthday in front of the state television building on the Corniche, resulting in 67 casualties, before the armed forces restored order.

“I do not support Mubarak,” said Ali Saad. “But I came to celebrate his birthday because I pity him.”

Mostafa Khaled said he was provoked when he heard people were celebrating Mubarak’s birthday.

“I took part in the revolution,” Khaled said. “I could not stand hearing them chant for his release.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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