Central Security conscripts stop blocking Cairo-Ismailia Road

The Cairo-Ismailia Road was reopened on Sunday morning after armed Central Security conscripts had blocked it for three hours in response to a rumor that a colleague had been killed by an officer.

It was later found that the conscript had passed out after arguing with the officer.

Central Security leaders solved the crisis by having the officer and the conscript meet in front of the latter’s colleagues. The officer apologized to the conscript, explaining that he had reprimanded him for not being properly dressed.

The road-blocking incident ended with a banquet for officers and conscripts at their camp in Obbour.

Activists had circulated video clips that apparently showed Central Security conscripts complaining about an officer killing one of their colleagues.

The Central Security Forces, which former President Hosni Mubarak often used to contain and disperse demonstrations and sit-ins, previously declared a mutiny in 1986 following a rumor that the government was considering extending their service terms for an extra year.

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