Central Security Forces stationed in Tahrir

The Central Security Forces amassed in Tahrir Square on Saturday after forcibly breaking a sit-in staged by dozens of activists in Tahrir square following the "Friday of Reclaiming the Revolution" rally to demand the abolition of the Emergency Law, the activation of the Treachery Law, and amendment to the law regulating parliamentary elections.

Two soldiers were injured in the face and feet following light clashes with protesters and were immediately transferred to Qasr al-Ainy Hospital. Security forces chased protesters to Talaat Harb Street and the entrance of Abdel Moneim Riyad Street. Some protesters hurled stones.

Twenty-five central security cars and hundreds of soldiers were deployed to the area to prevent protesters from returning to the square.
Some citizens helped the security forces clear the square and chase protesters while others chanted against the Interior Minister, saying the police were a group of thugs.

Before breaking up the sit-in, a number of central security leaders asked protesters to immediately leave the square and remove banners.

Ayman Ezzat, one of the protesters, told Al-Masy Al-Youm that they refused to leave the square, an act which prompted the security leaders order soldiers break the sit-in by force.

A government vehicle removed all the banners.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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