CBE : Egyptian banks’ credit reach to LE2.3 trillion during July/ Oct 2014/15

Egyptian Banks’ credit balances moved up by LE 27.9 billion or 4.7% to reach LE2.29 trillion  during July/Oct . 2014/2015, , the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) monthly report showed on Monday.

The private business sector accounted for 61.7% of total non-government credit balances at the end of Oct.2014, the report said .

The relative breakdown of non-government credit balances by economic activity at the end of Oct.2014 ran as follows: 35.2% for the manufacturing sector, 24.2% for services, 10.8% for trade, 1.2% for agriculture, and 28.6% for the unclassified sectors (including the household) , the report added 

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