Catholic cardinal expresses fear of Islamists assuming power

A Catholic official expressed fear about Islamists assuming power as Egypt transitions from military to civilian rule.

During an annual meeting in Italy, Cardinal Antonios Naguib, patriarch of the Catholic Church in Alexandria, said he was concerned about minorities' rights after the 25 January revolution.

“Islamists will have great representation in the next parliament, which is normal. We should recognize its political force,” Naguib said.

He said Islamists can easily earn a majority of parliamentary seats, but some fear they will assume power and impose an Islamic state.

The Rimini Meeting, also called the "Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples," has been held in Italy annually since 1980. This year it was held from 21 to 27 August.

Naguib, along with Orthodox Church patriarch Bishop Armiya and Osama al-Abd of Al-Azhar University, participated in a session dedicated to Egypt.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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