Careem Egypt announces increase to transport fare

Careem Egypt has announced an increase in its base fare following the recent fuel price hikes on Friday.

The price increases went into effect on Saturday morning. The base fare in Cairo is now set to LE9 instead of LE7.7, an increase of 17 percent, and the price for each additional kilometer covered became LE3.19 instead of LE2.8, an increase of 14 percent, and waiting fair at 91 piasters per minute instead of 76 piasters per minute.

Over at Alexandria, Careem increased the base fare to LE8 instead of LE6.94, and the price for each additional kilometer covered became LE3.43 instead of LE3.01, and waiting fair at 76 piasters per minute instead of 68 piasters per minute.

According to a statement from Careem Egypt, the application was updated according to the new tariff, and is available to customers to inform them of the approximate price of the ride before the service request, which will be explained in the detailed invoice sent after the ride.

Careem Egypt’s CEO Wael Abou al-Ela implied that the new increase in fuel prices will have a very slight impact on transport costs in Careem.

“We have introduced our new services as a suitable alternative for our customers to avoid the increase,” he said.

The company said in a statement that it has launched a range of new services at competitive prices to facilitate for its customers in reducing the increase in the transition costs in light of the increase in fuel prices.

These include the “Go Mini” services and “Sawa” in Cairo and other cities, which provide small modern cars with lower capacity engines, reducing fuel consumption and car maintenance costs, thus providing the service at more affordable prices.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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