CAPMAS: 172% increase in Foot and Mouth Disease incidents in Egypt

The number of cases of cattle infected with foot and mouth disease in Egypt increased to 172.1 percent in 2014, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS).  
The Annual Bulletin of statistics on animal and poultry diseases attributed this increase to new cattle being born with foot and mouth disease after adult cattle, which were not vaccinated, were illegally smuggled into Egypt.
Lumpy skin disease amounted to 51 cases in 2014, compared to 13 cases in 2013, due to poorly constructed enclosures.The Assiut governorate recorded the highest injury rate in the country, where the number of cases stood at 16 cases, or 8.16 percent of the total number of cases.
The number of poultry infected with bird flu reached 374 cases in 2014, compared to 98 cases in 2013, due to a mutation of the virus that causes the disease, which led to the ineffectiveness of the vaccine used.

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