Calls for three separate large-scale demonstrations on Friday

Three separate large-scale demonstrations have been called for by various political forces this Friday, two of them to take place in Tahrir Square.

The National Association for Change, together with other political forces, called for a million-man demonstration in Tahrir Square on Friday in support of national unity. The association, in its meeting with the other political forces, called for the dissolution of local councils, the presentation of the law on political rights to the public before endorsing it, and the election of a committee to devise a new constitution.

It also called for the removal of ten governors who are considered remnants of the former regime, the dismissal of the minister of local development and the postponement of parliamentary elections.  

The Maspiro Youth Union, meanwhile, called for a separate million-man demonstration the same day before the Egyptian Radio and Television Union building. The protest is being called to press for certain demands on behalf of the Coptic community, namely the freedom to build and renovate churches, the issuance of a uniform law for places of worship, and the punishment of those who perpetrated sectarian violence in Imbaba.

Other political movements suggested holding what they called a million-man “Horn Demonstration” in Tahrir Square in support of the Palestinian resistance. They requested the recognition of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, as well an end to the siege on Gaza.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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