Cairo University President announces inauguration of world’s largest cancer hospital in Sheikh Zayed

Cairo University President Mohamed Othman el-Khosht announced on Monday that the university will inaugurate the New National Cancer Institute, also know as the 500 500 Hospital, which will be the world’s largest hospital for treating cancer.

During a phone interview with al-Hadath channel on Monday, Khosht described the project as a specialized and integrated teaching hospital for treating all types of cancer, with a capacity of 1,020 beds in the internal department, 500 beds in the day treatment unit, 60 major operating rooms, and 15 radiotherapy machines.

Khosht said in April that work is continuing at a rapid pace to procure and install medical equipment, and the facility should be ready to receive patients by the end of 2022.

In addition to treatment areas, the complex also boasts an advanced cancer research center, a facility for pharmacological and surgical experimental animals, and banks for stem cells and genetic research.

The New National Cancer Institute will be located in Sheikh Zayed City on an area of 145,000 square meters. The complex itself will consume 844,000 square meters.

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