Cairo ranks as world’s cheapest tourist city: Express newspaper

Tourists eager to spend a special holiday, enjoy the warm sun and learn about a new culture and civilization should visit Cairo, which was recently named the world’s most budget-friendly city, British newspaper Express reported.

The newspaper quoted travel-booking website”” as stating that the top three cheapest cities tourists can visit in 2019 are Cairo in first place, followed by Mexico City and Turkey’s Antalya.

When setting up the menu, Express says that “” took into account meal prices, housing costs and transport charges. One day in Egypt can be enjoyed for a total of £42.38, including the cost of a full day tour at £11.30, while the average transfer price is £ 4.19, according to the website.

The paper said that in Cairo, tourists with limited budgets could enjoy cheap family trips and combine culture with a mild climate.

Travelers can explore the pyramids of Giza, as well as Khan al-Khalili market, and can also take a tour inside the Egyptian Museum, which includes artifacts dating back to 5000 years, meaning that a lot of history can be learned at a relatively cheap price, the newspaper explained.

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