Cairo official: Only deserving Duweiqa residents will get apartments

A governorate official said that residents of the informal Cairo neighborhood of Duweiqa will only be moved to 6th of October City if they deserve it.

Major General Saif al-Islam Abdel Bary, deputy governor of Cairo, said a census is now being performed for the Duweiqa residents in preparation to move them, adding that only deserving families would get residential apartments in 6th of October.

He added that the other residents must take responsibility for themselves.

Residents of the Amir al-Moemenin area in Duweiqa said they refused to leave their homes before they are provided with suitable homes, stressing that they would not accept staying in shelters.

Refai Hussein, one of the residents, said neither the head of the neighborhood council nor the governor had visited the area themselves, and only accused the residents of causing the rockslides that have afflicted the informal area in recent years.

Another resident, Awatef Ibrahim, said that only media outlets come to check the area.

“Duweiqa residents are accustomed to the government forgetting about them,” he said.

A rockslide in Duweiqa in 2008 crashed down from Moqattam Mountain onto several apartments below, killing dozens.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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