Cabinet, military council to meet over Israeli response to Sinai killings

Egypt's cabinet and ruling military council planned to meet Wednesday to discuss Israel's slowness in investigating the killing of six Egyptian officers by an Israeli helicopter in Sinai.

The Israelis have not responded to Egypt's demand for a joint investigative committee to probe the incident, a government source said, even though Israel had agreed in principle to the idea of launching a joint investigation with the Egyptians. They also have not announced a timeframe for conducting the investigations, even though Egypt has demanded one.

The source added that the Egyptian ambassador to Israel might be recalled if Israel does not provide a clear response to these demands.

Meanwhile, Reuters quoted Yaakov Amidror, Israel's national security adviser, as saying that there are no plans for a joint probe into the Sinai attack.

Amidror said it is more likely that the two sides will work separately and only share the results of their investigations, Reuters reported.

The Egyptian officers were killed during an Israeli border raid Thursday night, prompting protests outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and calls for the expulsion of the ambassador.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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