Cabinet holds urgent meeting on Cairo clashes

Egypt's interim cabinet held an urgent meeting Sunday presided over by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to discuss recent clashes in downtown Cairo and other governorates.

The cabinet considered what procedures to take to restore security to the streets.

The cabinet has been severely criticized since violent clashes erupted between protesters and security forces on Saturday, leaving at least two killed and 766 injured.

Clashes continue on Sunday for the second day in a row. Protesters have called for dismissing Sharaf’s cabinet, setting a timetable for the handover of power to civilians, and ending military rule.

The Health Ministry has estimated total number of injured on Saturday and Sunday at 1114. Around 907 were treated in Tahrir Square, while 207 were taken to nearby hospitals.

A senior government official was quoted in Ahram Online as denying the cabinet's intention to resign.

The source described the current period as “critical” and said that the government cannot resign at this tough time, as parliamentary elections are starting next week.

A meeting was held Sunday between Sharaf and Major General Mohsen al-Fangary, a member of the ruling military council and vice chairman of the social and healthcare fund for families of the revolution's martyrs.

State-run news agency MENA reported that during the meeting the two considered ways in which to provide benefits to martyrs' families who have not yet received any.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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