Cabinet: Decline in production, export of natural gas

A report by the Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) showed a decline in production of natural gas in Egypt by 10 percent. Production in January reached around 3,334 thousand tons, compared to 3,704 thousand tons in January 2013.
Local consumption of natural gas during the same period declined by 1.6 percent, reaching 3,140 thousand tons, compared to 3,191 thousand tons in January 2013.
The report pointed to a slight increase in consumption of electricity generated by natural gas at less than one percent, reaching 56.7 percent in January 2014, compared to 55.8 percent in January 2013.
Exports of gas and its extracts declined by 63.8 percent, making its value reach US$62.2 million compared to $172 million in January 2013.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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