Butchers, green grocers slash prices in solidarity with revolution

Several butchers and green grocers have decided to lower their prices in solidarity with the 25 January revolution.

Traders raised banners with slogans such as “No to manipulation” and “In solidarity with our people, we discount our prices.” They cut the price of tomatoes to LE1-1.25per kilo and oranges to LE1.75.

The prices of vegetables dropped to a record low on Friday, with haricot beans and peas dropping to LE3 a kilo; taro, carrots and bell peppers to LE2; and potatoes, okra and onions to LE1.5. Butchers reduced the prices of local meat from LE70 to LE40-45 a kilo.

Traders said that the price cuts will reduce their profits, but said they will willingly absorb the loss.

Ahmed Ata, a retailer, said that the decision by several green grocers to lower prices has kept the prices of vegetables low, and that retailers have not abused the low supply of goods to raise prices.

Ata said he expects prices to remain low over the coming days.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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