Butane shortages burden Daqahlia, Minya, Suez

Things are getting ugly in the Daqahlia town of Gedeila. Minya and Suez aren’t far behind. The problem? Chronic shortages of butane gas.

Citizens of Gedeila have been chasing gas distribution trucks sent by the governorate. When they reach the distribution area, fights broke out between gas-hungry citizens, each of whom wanted to be first in line to pick up a cylinder. The trucks eventually reached Gedeila’s sports club, where they were surrounded by citizens who continued fighting. Citizens and distribution agents exchanged insults, while vendors stood against the wall waiting for a chance to get their share of cylinders.

Daqhalia Governor Samir Sallam said that the share of butane allotted to the governorate has risen to 3000 tons per month, at the same time that 112 lawsuits have been filed against brick and poultry factories that used 823 butane cylinders.

In Minya Governorate, Ahmed Khafaga, who is a member of Abu Qurqas’s local council and the official responsible for distributing butane cylinders, said that citizens of Safai village complain about a "gas cylinders mafia" that controls distribution.

Minya witnessed renewed fighting between the citizens in the village of Bani Khaled due to competition over butane gas. On the other hand, Hosni el-Maqrahy, chairman of the supply committee at the local council of el-Fekriya City, said that they suggested the distribution of coupons among citizens, which can be used to obtain cylinders from the supply department.

In Suez, citizens complained that they wait in front of distribution outlets for hours and do not receive any butane.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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