Brotherhood withdraws representatives from youth coalition

The Muslim Brotherhood announced on Saturday that the group no longer has any official representatives in the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition.

Mohamed al-Qassas, a young Brotherhood coalition member, said the decision came in response to disagreements leading up to the second Friday of Anger which took place last Friday.

The Brotherhood leadership rejected Friday’s demonstrations in Tahrir Square to demand the swift prosecution of corrupt regime figures, call for a civilian-led national council to lead the country, do away with the country’s current constitution, and other demands. The group said the demonstration attempted to drive a wedge between the people and the armed forces. Nevertheless, some Brotherhood members decided to participate against the will of their leadership.

The secretary general of the Brotherhood in Egypt, Mahmoud Hussein, said in a press statement: "The Muslim Brotherhood announces that the group's representatives in the Coordinating Committee of the 25 January revolution are Adel Afifi and Osama Yassin, and that it has no representatives in the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition".

The Brotherhood previously had two representatives in the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition, Qassas and Islam Lotfy.

"I haven't been notified that I'm not the Muslim Brotherhood representative anymore, and I think this came as a response to our participation in the second Friday of Anger," said Qassas.

He pointed out that he and Lotfy had received the approval of the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide and his deputy to represent the group in the coalition.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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