Brotherhood: We will not run for presidency for Egypt’s sake

The Muslim Brotherhood does not intend to nominate a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections out of fear for Egypt, former Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Mahdi Akef said Sunday.

"To run [for the presidency] is against Egypt’s best interests, as the US and the west are against the Brotherhood and at home, secularists are against the Brotherhood,” Akef said in a press statement.

“Egypt needs concerted efforts, and we will now work and strive for Egypt to stand in its proper place, and then we will consider running for the presidency," he said.

Akef said the group would nominate a presidential candidate "when the nation becomes advanced."

He went on to say that he does not expect the Brotherhood to win more than 30 percent of seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, although they will compete for 49 percent.

“The competition is open now, and anyone who believes they have the ability to represent the people should come forward, and the people will choose who they see as the fittest,” said Akef. 

Akef assumed the position of supreme guide in January 2004 and stepped down in 2010 at the end of his term. Observers believe Akef stepped down as a result of conflict within the group incited by infiltrators from Egypt's now-dissolved State Security Investigative Services.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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