Brotherhood Supreme Guide Badie meets with US ambassador

The popularity of the United States is diminishing because of US support for dictators, Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie said Wednesday.

In a meeting with Badie, US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson congratulated the Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party for winning a majority of seats in the People’s Assembly, the lower house of parliament, according to a statement released by the Brotherhood. It said she assured Badie that the US looks forward to cooperating with the government the Egyptian people have selected,

Badie said that consecutive US administrations have judged nations based on the actions of dictators, and that the US has propped up some dictators, causing its popularity to decrease among citizens of nations under dictatorial rule. He urged the US to take action to restore its credibility, especially with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Patterson admitted that the US has made “some mistakes” and called for learning from them so they would not be repeated in the future.

Egypt has been suffering from poor distribution and looting of resources, Badie said. All political forces must unite during the transitional phase, as even those who were not elected into power are still partners in responsibility for securing and stabilizing Egypt.

“The Islamic Sharia is the main source for legislation, and this guarantees public and private freedoms. It guarantees freedom of belief as well as personal freedoms for all citizens,” Badie added.

Patterson agreed that Egypt’s economy is deteriorating and that Egypt needs loans from the World Bank to boost the economy and encourage foreign investment.

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