Brotherhood says keen on coherence of military

The Muslim Brotherhood stressed the importance of maintaining the coherence and unity of the military institution, saying this is the best guarantee for preserving the country until power is transferred to civilians.

In a statement released on Saturday, the Brotherhood said it participated in the mass protests on Friday, which it said demonstrated the awareness of Egyptians and their insistence on keeping the revolution on the right track and protecting it from the counter-revolution.

The Brotherhood said it appreciates the role played by the Armed Forces in protecting the revolution and its keenness to achieve a peaceful transition of power as soon as possible. The Brotherhood said it appreciates the the Armed Forces' response to the demands of the people, including the removal of the president, the dissolution of parliament, the change of the government and the trial of corrupt officials. The statement also positively mentioned the removal of several media officials.

It said the unity of the people and the army should continue, adding that it condemns attempts to disrupt that unity, pointing out that vestiges of the ousted regime and people with special interests are behind such attempts.

The statement remembered the spirit of the revolution which kept Egyptians from across the political spectrum united in order to serve the higher interests of the country.

The Brotherhood added that freedom of expression is the best remedy for any mistakes made, emphasizing that the revolution is peaceful and carried out by the Egyptian people. People with vested interests will not be allowed to ruin the revolution, the statement warned.

Finally, it said there are still some popular demands that have yet to be achieved.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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