Brotherhood protesters detained in Giza violent acts

Giza prosecutors on Saturday ordered the detention of 56 Brotherhood protesters for 24 hours pending receipt of investigations by the Homeland Security regarding their involvement in the violent events that took place in Imbaba, Mohandeseen, Omraneya, Talbiya and Haram last Friday.
They are charged with joining a terrorist group that intends to disturb security and public peace, possession of firearms and explosives without license, using force against citizens, setting fire to police cars and attempted murder of policemen and citizens.
Investigators claim the protesters, who were wearing masks to protect them against tear gas canisters, were paid to stage riots.
Since the Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organization by the interim government, the crackdown on the group has increased two-fold. Hundreds of members have been arrested and now protesting with the organization or passing our their literature is now grounds for arrest.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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