Brotherhood prepares ‘renaissance’ project to revive Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood has tasked Deputy General Guide Khairat al-Shater with preparing what it calls a “renaissance project,” a Brotherhood source has said.

The project comprises short-, mid- and long-term visions for Egypt’s administration, education program, health problems and economy.

Shater sought the help of advisers from Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore, in addition to Egyptian experts, to devise the project. The source said a large budget had been allocated to it.

The source said Shater intends to capitalize on Singapore’s experience in improving its administration, South Africa’s experience in creating a national dialogue, and Turkey and Malaysia’s experience in encouraging investment, achieving development, and improving its educational system and economy.

The Brotherhood has already started to prepare the project, as it expects its Freedom and Justice Party to win a parliamentary majority and lead the country, or at least to win enough seats to give it considerable power.

The Freedom and Justice Party gained 45 percent of the seats in the first phase of the elections. The Salafi Nour Party came in second, with over 20 percent.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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