Brotherhood party rejects military role in post-transition Egypt

The Muslim Brotherood's Freedom and Justice Party on Tuesday said it rejects any political role for the ruling military after the end of the transitional period.

A new constitution, which is expected to be drafted following parliamentary elections, should not give the armed forces a preferential role, Party Secretary General Mohamed Saad al-Katatny said Tuesday during a meeting with US Embassy and National Security Council officials. 

Katatny stressed that Egyptians value the armed forces' role in protecting the January revolution, but said the military should go back to its primary mission of defending the country after it transfers power to a civilian government.

The transitional period should end as soon as possible to achieve stability, Katatny said.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) assumed power in February after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

Activists and political groups fear the SCAF might seek to strengthen its grip on authority, and have been pressuring the council to work on handing over power to a civilian government.

Some activist groups speculate the SCAF might seek a power-sharing deal with the Freedom and Justice and the liberal Wafd Party.

During a protest on Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square, some demonstrators raised banners that suggested the SCAF has plans to assume the presidency while giving the vice presidency to the Wafd and a parliamentary majority to the Brotherhood's party.

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