Brotherhood MP cites ‘abuses’ by Interior Ministry

At a meeting of parliament’s human rights committee on Monday, Muslim Brotherhood MP Ragab Emeish charged that the Interior Ministry was using hospital ambulances instead of police trucks to transport arrested brotherhood members to detention facilities in violation of the law.

Assistant Interior Minister Hamed Rashed denied the allegation, however, saying: "We don’t need to borrow ambulances for this purpose since we have our own trucks."

Emeish also alleged that the ministry frequently interfered in issues pertaining to public employment.

"The ministry must check up on all job applicants before government bodies can hire them," he said. "The education minister has even admitted that the Interior Ministry ordered the transfer of three teachers to different posts in Beheira and the dismissal of 16 students from Al-Azhar University in Damanhour."

Rashed replied to the charges, saying: "We don’t deal with citizens on the basis of their political or religious ideologies. We protect our citizens by carrying out the law."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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