Brotherhood figure: After revolution, no group can monopolize politics

No faction can single-handedly monopolize politics after the 25 January revolution, said Hassan Malek, a prominent businessman and leading Muslim Brotherhood figure.

“All political forces must share the rebuilding of the nation,” said Malek, who is president of the Egyptian Business and Development Association. “An elected ruler must serve the people, not satisfy certain individuals.”

The businessman said the former regime under President Hosni Mubarak left a “rotten” administration and a weak economy, and called on society, particularly youth, to collaborate toward a real “renaissance.”

“There is no freedom or democracy without production,” Malek said. “And demonstration for individual goals disrupts production.”

Many opposition groups accuse the Brotherhood of dominating the political sphere, and the largest opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front, has called for boycotting the upcoming House of Representatives elections, set to start on 22 April. The Brotherhood's political party, the Freedom and Justice Party, won the highest number of seats in last year's parliamentary elections.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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