Brotherhood businessmen remanded in custody

Investigations by the Supreme State Security Prosecution have proved the involvement of five businessmen from the Muslim Brotherhood in a case known widely in the media as The International Organization.

The five businessmen were remanded into custody for another 45 days, contrary to what has been circulated in the media regarding the case being closed after Muslim Brotherhood leader Abdel Monem Abul Fotouh and nine other Brotherhood members were released around ten days ago.

Security sources said that the detained businessmen, including Ahmed Abdel Malek, owner of an export-import company, along with 18 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood including Abul Fotouh, were arrested some four months ago. They were subject to investigations by the Supreme State Security Prosecution. Reports from the Money Laundering Unit of the Central Auditing Organization said that the among the accused are businessmen who received money from outside the country and channeled it to other companies belonging to the group.

The investigations, supervised by Consultant Hisham Badawy, first attorney of the Supreme State Security Prosecution, showed that 18 of the accused Brotherhood members were not involved in the incident, and were thus released. The five businessmen have however been detained and will be referred to the Supreme State Security Court for trial.

A Brotherhood source said that the case is over and will be closed, similar to other cases. The source also claimed that there was no evidence to indict the accused members, and described the case as media hype.

Meanwhile, security forces have arrested six Brotherhood members in Alexandria and Fayoum.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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