Brotherhood brokered deals with other influential parties, group spokesman says

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) media spokesman Dr. Mohammed Morsi revealed the Brotherhood recently brokered deals with National Democratic Party (NDP), Wafd and Tagammu candidates in various electoral districts.

Speaking to Al-Masry Al-Youm, Morsi said collaboration with the Wafd exists despite that party's denials. Wafd Party candidate Dr. Mahmoud al-Saqqa, who is vying for a seat in Dokki, according to Morsi, is working in conjunction with the Brotherhood.

Morsi also said the Brotherhood agreed to leave the Kom Ombo, Aswan constituency open for Wafd candidate Mohamed al-Omda.

“We made a deal with Dr. Hamdi al-Sayed," stated Morsi, in reference to collaboration with the NDP. "We welcome anyone, however, NDP candidates say we are a banned group so who can we talk with?”

“For instance, in the past we didn’t field anyone against Moneir Fakhry Abdel Nour and we haven’t fielded anyone against Botros Ghali after we found out he was a running as a candidate.”

The working relationships, however, do not stop with state-sanctioned political entities.

“We have no reason not to make deals with the Copts," he added. "In fact we have made deals with them in the past.”

Asked how many seats he expected the Brotherhood to secure, Morsi said, “It is hard to predict under the circumstances Egypt is going through. I see the heavy rigging with my own two eyes but if free and fair elections are held perhaps 70 percent of candidates will win, in other words 75 seats.”

During the 2005 parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide struck a deal with state security. In reference to a repeat of that cooperation in 2010, Morsi was evasive.

“There is a difference between dealing with security forces and making deals with them. As Egyptians, we must deal with them for example when applying to travel abroad which we are banned from doing, as for deals and what not, none exist.”

But Morsi dismissed rumors of bonafide collaboration with security.

“How can we make deals with security forces when they are arresting, detaining and harassing our members on a daily basis?” asked Morsi.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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