Brotherhood and opposition parties consider unified candidacy list

The Muslim Brotherhood group has agreed with certain political parties to form a committee to study the possibility of running in the next parliamentary elections with a unified candidacy list.

The group also said it had agreed to form another committee to formulate an initiative on the transition of power, freedom of forming political parties and NGOs, the abolition of emergency law, the release of political prisoners, limiting the president’s powers, the independence of the judiciary and the redistribution of salaries for state officials.

“Our initiative is in tribute to the revolution's martyrs, be they Muslims or Christians,” said group's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

For his part, Wafd Party President al-Sayyed al-Badawi said the party has postponed the unified list idea due to a lack of time. “We have also relayed to the group that Christians are worried of an Islamic resurgence in the country,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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