Brotherhood acts as if already in power, say political parties

Leaders of political parties claimed this week that the military council has allied itself with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, which already acts as if it is in power.

They also said that, despite such an alliance, the Brotherhood opposes the council’s arrangements for the new constitution.

“The council has ignored calls by the majority for a balanced civil constitution that protects the country’s future,” said Mohamed Abul Ghar, president of the Egyptian Democratic Party. “That is why I declined membership in the advisory council."

“The military council is now weaker than the Brotherhood,” Abul Ghar added.

For his part, Mostafa al-Tawil, honorary president of the Wafd Party, suggested that the military council propose 150 figures for the committee to write the constitution. Out of this number, parliament would elect 100 members.

“The council should also set specific criteria for the formation of the committee,” he added, calling on the Brotherhood to abide by decisions made by the advisory council, so as to avoid clashes with the military council. “I believe the Brothers are smart enough.”

Leading Tagammu Party member Hussein Abdel Raseq complained that the military council did not invite his party to advisory council meetings. “It has completely ignored the important left-wing trend,” he said.

“The advisory council is ineffective because the prime minister was given the powers of a president,” Abdel Raseq added. “And the Brotherhood will not listen to advice because it wants to monopolize power.”

Ibrahim Zahran, president of the Tahrir Party, called on the military council to prevent the Brotherhood from writing the constitution alone. “It must interfere and ensure a civil constitution,” he said.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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