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British couple explain why they’re eager to stay in Hurghada for the winter

A British couple, faced with a chilling winter in England and economic troubles, have opted to reside in a Hurghada resort for all of January.

The couple left their home to move and live in the tourist village, where all their needs are available

UK newspaper The Independent reported that the couple, having swapped the UK for Egypt to avoid cost of living, say they’ve made a profit.

“It’s cheaper to be here,” say Brenda and John Stewart-Davis.

“We’ve switched our heating off, so our electricity and gas bills will be on the service charges, really,” Brenda adds.

The 60-year old added that she and her 70-year old husband were not happy with the costs of living back home, which have skyrocketed due to the need for constant heating in their house to beat the winter chill.

“Since we are retired, we are inside all day, so we needed to get it warm,” she said.

The couple hail from the city of Kent, located in southeast England.

They prepared all their belongings and came to Egypt with a sum of 1300 sterling pounds – equivalent to about LE50,000.

Brenda described Egypt’s weather as “wonderful”, and was dazzled by the clear blue sky and hospitality from the locals.


Escaping the cold

Tourist villages in the Red Sea have attracted many European tourists to spend long vacations there, extending from 15 days to more than a month, to escape the cold winter and the high prices of living in their countries compared to the prices of accommodation in the tourist villages in the Red Sea.

The chairperson of Tourist Guide Syndicate in Hurghada, Bashar Abu Taleb said that since the beginning of the winter season, the inflation crisis, the rise in prices and the cost of living in some European countries, especially Germany and England, have driven a large number of tourists to spend long vacations at the Red Sea.

The move actually saves them expenses, he explained, as as the cost of comprehensive accommodation is less than the expenses of staying in their homes in their country.

Tourism companies are encouraging offers to tourists to spend long-term vacations, during the winter season, at prices commensurate with their incomes.


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