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Britain seeks to light its homes using imported Egyptian energy

British newspaper The Telegraph revealed that the UK is currently working to import energy from solar farms in Egypt, aiming to enhance energy security.

Plans are being made to harness solar energy from the Egyptian desert to power homes in the UK, according to the Solar Quarter website.

The proposal includes installing an undersea cable across the Mediterranean, linking Egypt and Europe, to export electricity from solar farms in North Africa and wind turbines to Britain and Europe.

The initiative aims to address energy shortages in the UK caused by low winds or weak sunlight, which reduces production from North Sea wind farms and onshore solar facilities.

Details of the project are to be presented at the upcoming Energy Summit in London.


Egypt’s solar gift

The director of renewables and energy at Rystad, Carlos Diaz emphasized the growing importance of North Africa as a source of electricity for Europe.

Demand for low-carbon electricity in Europe is expected to rise significantly over the next three years, necessitating alternative energy sources.

The project includes a series of huge solar farms in the Egyptian deserts and wind farms near the Suez Canal, an area known for its strong, continuous winds.

These facilities are also expected to generate approximately 10 gigawatts of electricity, equivalent to about 10 power stations in the UK.

Power will be transmitted through a 600-mile-long undersea cable under the Mediterranean Sea, terminating in Athens, Greece.


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