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Breezy, optimistic trends for spring fashion

Optimistic prints and loose, comfy clothes give spring an uplifting feeling this year–a time for new beginnings. Check out the fashion beat of the street this spring and pick the trends that express who you are.

Bracelets galore
Whether you like Silly Bandz, monster-sized bangles or collections of multicolor beads, bracelets are all the rage this year. Get patriotic with some of the "Ana Masry" bracelets–a trend being picked up by everyone from Heba Elawadi to your average jewelry store. Either bunch a couple of large pieces together or gather seven to ten thin bracelets and decorate your wrists.

Everything goes this spring–depending on your taste for risk, deck flowers with stripes and fun patterns against bright solids. Although flowers are making a very strong appearance in stores across the city this spring, don’t be afraid to go with what makes you happy–be it stripes, plaid or random patterns.

1970s evening wear
Neutral-colored draped satin is in this spring–even dark colors like ink and aubergine will do. Keep styles flowing and think one strap, Greco-Roman cuts and sashes. Hair styles for evening are also wispy and semi-unkempt. Jewelry stays simple and poetic.

Loose and comfy
Let go of stomach-stabbing shorts and teetering heels. This spring brings billowy blouses and dresses and sexy, strappy flat sandals. Enjoy letting go in slinky fabrics and long, loose, breezy styles.

High waists
I know it’s hard… but you need to give up your low-waist jeans. This spring is all about high-waist flare jeans and high-waist loose pants for work. High waists, while unflattering on certain body types, can really elongate legs and add height. Flare adds into the 1970s revival.

Citrus colors
If you’re avoiding prints, strong colors this spring include orange, lemon yellow and Egyptian lemon green. Think pink grapefruit dresses and lemony sandals. A nice alternative to pastels, the citrus brights will add a little punch to spring–keep the citrus consumption up for your immunity as well!

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