Breaking: Clashes escalate on Nile Corniche, Semiramis stormed again

Clashes escalated along the Nile Corniche in downtown Cairo Tuesday evening.
According to reports, dozens of protesters traded blows with security forces near Qasr al-Nil Bridge. 
Both sides hurled stones at each other, with security forces later resorting to tear gas.
The clashes are currently spreading to Simon Bolivar Square.
Injury reports have not yet been released, however, one police vehicle was vandalized.
Meanwhile, masked assailants with blades used the unrest as cover to storm the Semiramis Hotel once again. 
Security forces were able to fend them off and arrested an unknown number of the attackers.
Police responded to the new attack by cordoning off the area surrounding the Semiramis and Shepheard Hotel. 
The area has witnessed intermittent clashes since January. Prosecutors are currently interrogating dozens over involvement in the violence, while most of the Semiramis' guests have left due to the disturbances.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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