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Boat capsizes in Nile river, killing 8 workers

Eight workers were killed when a boat sank in the Nile River at Monshaet al-Qanater area in Giza, on Sunday.

The boat was carrying 14 workers, with civilian and river rescue forces able to rescue six people.

Preliminary investigations by the security services revealed that the boat was carrying workers from a contracting company while they were heading to work on a project under construction near scene of the incident.

As the victims were on board a small fishing boat, overloading was suggested to be behind the sinking.

Investigations indicated that “The boatman survived after jumping into the water due to his ability to swim when he felt the boat was sinking.”

The Giza Investigation Department placed him in custody until investigation before the Public Prosecution.

The rescue forces of Civil Protection in Giza recovered two bodies, amid the presence of ambulances that transported them to the morgue, while the teams continued their work in searching for the remaining victims.

Members of the victim’s families sobbed along the shore of the Nile River. Some of them had their relatives’ bodies recovered – others are still being searched for.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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