Blinken: We appreciate Egypt’s important role in reaching ceasefire in Gaza

CAIRO, June 10 (MENA) – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed his country’s appreciation of Egypt’s important role in efforts meant to reach a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, saying that the region is going through a critical juncture and highlighting the possibility of reaching a ceasefire, returning hostages and treading a path to a more sustainable peace in the Palestinian enclave.

In a speech before leaving Cairo heading for Israel Monday, the US secretary of state, who is on a current regional tour, said US President Joe Biden’s recent ceasefire proposal has won the support of countries of the region, the world, and international organizations.

He added that reaching a ceasefire would open the path to attaining security and a more enduring peace in Gaza.

Blinken continued, “It is very important that we continue to work on plans for the next day when it comes to the security of the Gaza Strip and when it comes to its governance and reconstruction. We will have plans in place to implement them, and this is an important part of my talks agenda in the region and we will work with partners to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.”

“This is my eighth trip to the region, and the overwhelming majority in Israel, the West Bank, or the Gaza Strip want and believe in a future in which Israelis and Palestinians live in peace and security,” said the US secretary of state, stressing the importance of continuing efforts meant to reach a ceasefire, return hostages, and try to put everyone in the region on a better path.

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