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Bird accident cancels EgyptAir flight from Rwanda to Cairo

EgyptAir announced the cancellation of its flight from Rwanda on Saturday, after birds collided with the plane’s engine.

EgyptAir said in a statement that during the takeoff of flight #MS835, a Boeing 737/800 from Kigali Airport in Rwanda – heading to Cairo Airport with 116 passengers on board – several birds collided with the plane’s engine as it moved on the taxiway.

This led to the pilot canceling the take-off and returning to the site again, in order to preserve the safety of the passengers and the plane.

EgyptAir confirmed that all passengers were safely disembarked from the plane.

EgyptAir accommodated them in hotels in the city of Kigali until completing the examination of the plane, and ensured that any traces resulting from the birds colliding with the plane were removed.

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