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Bibliothek Egypt responds to video criticizing sale of homosexual children books

The Bibliothek Egypt library responded to a video of an Egyptian content creator talking about books with references to homosexuals sold by the library.

Bibliothek Egypt immediately removed the books, which were brought in from abroad by mistake, the Director of the Advocacy and Relations Department at Bibliothek Egypt, Sarah Abu Radwan, told RT.

It was two books among thousands of books at the library.

The title of the books did not suggest that it contained such content, especially as they are for very young age group, and can only be read under the supervision of parents, she said.

Radwan pointed out that the library has taken the necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of the incident, explaining that the books were imported from abroad and officials are now carrying out a purification process for the books in the library.

“Despite our keenness to carefully choose books that are in line with our culture, sometimes this may happen by omission, especially since we import these books from societies with different cultures. We appreciate your keenness and participation in upholding the values and culture of our society,” Radwan said.

An Egyptian content maker posted a video on Facebook, condemning books that contain materials for teaching homosexuality, which she claimed were being sold in a bookstore in Egypt.

“Our children are a great gift from our Lord, and we will be ask about them. The books are in the Bibliothek [Egypt] Library in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October. The library worker was not aware of the books’ content, and he was grateful that I drew his attention to it,” the content creator said.

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