Beni Suef cement factories violating several laws

Two days ago the Environment Ministry carried out inspections of cement factories in Beni Suef, where it found several violations.

Within the Egyptian Cement Company, the inspectors found several environmental violations, including the presence of solid waste inside the factory, workers without safety goggles and masks, as well as the storing of oil out in the open, instead of in specialized storehouses.

Minister of the Environment Maged George said the inspection campaign unearthed violations in the new production line, as well as the unsafe disposal of hazardous medical waste from the factory clinic. In addition, nitrogen oxide emissions from the factory’s chimney on both the old and new production lines violated maximum levels set by Law 4/1994 and Law 9/2009.

The inspection campaign also found similar violations within the Beni Suef Cement Company.

The reported violations have been filed and submitted to the Public Prosecutor, said George. The governor of Beni Suef was also notified of the violations.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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