Beheira ancient monasteries flood due to heavy rain

Rainwater flooded the corridors of the ancient Monastery of Saint Bishoy, the Syriac Virgin Monastery and the Monastery of Romans in Wadi Natrun, Beheira governorate, the Coptic Orthodox Church said Wednesday.
The monks and priests emptied the water outside the monasteries after it caused damage.
Part of the wall of Saint Bishoy Monastery in Wadi al-Natrun was destroyed because of the rain on Wednesday.
The heavy rainfall continued on Thursday in Beheira for the third day, accompanied by lightning and thunder and strong winds.
Fishing was suspended at Maadeya and Bughaz Rashid ports and schools were empty of students Wednesday.
Low-level areas were filled with water, suspending traffic. Power outages occurred in some villages and cities.
One-hundred residents were evacuated from Ofouna Village, Beheira, after the rainwater besieged the village. The bodies of 10 dead were recovered from the village Thursday.
Beheira local authorities asked for the armed forces' help to rescue people whose homes were flooded and to transfer the injured to hospitals especially in Wadi al-Natrun, al-Rahmaniya, Aboul Matamir, Kafr al-Dawar and Edko areas. 
Dozens of residents protested in Beheira at the governor's office to demand that drainage pipes and manholes be cleared. 

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