Bastawisi will run for president representing Tagammu Party

Hesham al-Bastawisi, vice president of the Court of Cassation, announced Tuesday that he will be representing the Tagammu Party in the presidential election.

During a press conference at the party's headquarters, Bastawisi said that his campaign has gathered 13,000 signatures and that it faced many difficulties, like notary employees who refused to certify signatures for him but would for other candidates.

He said that the election’s integrity is in jeopardy due to several threats, including Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration which stipulates that the Presidential Elections Commission’s decisions cannot be challenged.

Another obstacle, according to Bastawisi, is the ban on international election monitors as a result of the attack on foreign NGOs.

Regarding the recently-formed constituent assembly, Bastawisi expressed his hope that the Freedom and Justice and Nour parties would have the courage to admit that attempting to write the constitution alone was a mistake. He said this would increase their credibility among the people.

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