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Barber becomes famous for coloring, drawing on customers heads

Mohamed Hosni, known as Hammo Finish, a talented barber who owns the most famous barber shop in the neighborhood Ard al-Lewa in Giza, has taken advantage of his artistic talents to draw and color on the heads of his customers.
Some customers dislike the idea of dying their hair, while others venture to try. 
"My father taught me how to shave. Thanks to him, I came to Ard al-Lewa six years ago and became well-known among the people there," Finish said.
Barber Hammo Finish adds glitter to a young boy's head, turning it into artwork.
"My start was with a little boy. I suggested drawing on his head and his mother liked the idea. Two days later, he brought his friends to my shop," said Finish.
Finish uses a wide array of colors, designs and even glitter, sometimes shaving away his customers' hair to form drawings on their scalp.
"Customers who liked my drawings told their friends about me and so on," Finish mentioned.
Children visit Finish to have stars and rabbits drawn on their heads, he said, but young men also visit him.
Barber Hammo Finish's client shows off his shaved head.
A 26-year-old man visited his shop before Eid al-Fitr and asked him to draw a heart on his head and to draw the first letters of his name and his fiancee's name inside, said Finish.
Despite Finish's success, he does face criticism. Finish said people think differently and he only did what the customers requested of him, which is his job.
One of barber Hammo Finish's clients shows off his hair, patterned with glitter.
Barber Hammo Finish checks the shave of his client's head.
Barber Hammo Finish sketches on his young client's head using a razor to cut away the hair.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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