Baptist church echoes Coptic criticism of female ordination

Head of the Egyptian Baptist Church, Reverend Boutros Felta'us, on Saturday denounced pressures to permit females to become Baptist priests. 

Rev. Felta'us in a church statement said those supporting female ordination are promoting "destructive thinking, and threatening the existence of the church," while adding that he has conducted extensive research on why female ordination is antithetical to Christianity.

He will disclose the findings in the coming days during a global press conference, according to the statement.

"With regards to the [woman's] role in the church, there is a distinction," Felta'us said. "This distinction, to put it briefly, is that women must defer to men, and be silent in church, as the Holy Bible says."

The Orthodox Coptic Church in Egypt is a staunch critic of female ordinations. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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