Badie: We’ll support military council during Friday protests

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has announced that the group will be asserting its support for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces during protests planned for this Friday.

“We’ll support the Egyptian army and push the ruling council forward. We’ll also call for the attainment of all the revolution’s demands, as well as the rights of the martyrs,” said MB Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie of protests planned for 29 July.

Badie made the comments during a conference held on Tuesday at the Hamza bin Abdel Mottaleb mosque in Suez. 

He praised the local population, saying: “I’d like to see the people of Suez, as they have always been a symbol of sacrifice.”

The conference was disrupted briefly when a member of the MB openly opposed the participation of Father Antonious, who had entered the mosque and greeted Badie. The conference organizers managed to remove the MB member, and the conference continued.

Soon afterwards, Badie highlighted national unity among Muslims and Copts, saying no one could create division among them. He gave the example of the newly formed Freedom and Justice Party, which appointed Coptic figure Rafiq Habib as the party’s vice chief.

“We have always lived with Copts. We never heard about sectarian strife,” he added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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