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Bad weather wave across Egypt injures 3, disrupts balloon flights

Several Egyptian governorates were exposed to bad weather wave, thunderstorms, and dusty winds on Friday.

Balloon flights were canceled in Luxor, and three people, including a child, were injured due to falling trees in Beni Suef and Minya.



Civil aviation authorities canceled the balloon flights on the western bank, due to the strong winds laden with sand and dust, which affect the vision and movement of the balloon in flight and threatened passenger safety.


North Sinai

Heavy rains in North Sinai caused rainwater to accumulate in streets, squares, low places, entrances and exits of Al-Arish bridges, and the main roads witnessed slow traffic.



Two workers were injured while  riding in a car when a tree fell on them due to the severe dust storm, in the Maghagha city in Minya.

The injured were transferred to the Maghagha Central Hospital for treatment.

The cities and centers of Minya witnessed a dust storm laden with sand and dust, followed by heavy rains, accompanied by lightning.

The governorate declared a state of emergency in all its centers.



Villages and cities of the Sharqiya governorate witnessed light rains in some parts, and winds that stirred sand and dust on the main and secondary roads despite high temperatures.



Mild, sunny weather prevailed across all of Alexandria. Its sunny beaches witnessed a large turnout of vacationers, coinciding with the summer holiday.


Beni Suef

Nine-year old Abdullah Mukhtar suffered a skull fracture, after a tree fell on his head while he was passing on the street in the village of Tansa in Biba city due to strong winds.

He was transferred to Beni Suef University Hospital. President of Beni Suef University Mansour Hassan, said that the doctors were able to treat the child and that his condition is stable.



The media center of Giza governorate called on motorists to exercise caution when dust and sand storms strike, especially on highways, to follow traffic instructions, to avoid walking under signs, and not to park cars on slopes.

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