Bad weather forces two airplanes flying to Luxor to land in Aswan

Bad weather has forced two airplanes to land in Aswan International Airport instead of Luxor International Airport following the a severe dust storm on Sunday.

Flight No.062 departed Cairo’s Airport at 5:00 am and was supposed to arrive at Luxor’s Airport at 6:00 am while the second flight  departed Cairo’s airport at 5:55 am and was supposed to arrive at Luxor’s airport at 6:55 am.

Inspector of operations at Luxor’s Civil Aviation Authority, Ahmed Gera Allah, said that balloon flights were also cancelled due to heavy winds which spread dust all over the city.

Gera Allah noted that Luxor Airport notified the balloon airport that visibility was very poor and asked to cancel all flights to protect tourists.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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