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Azhar welcomes criminalization of burning Quran in Denmark

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, the world’s top Sunni Islamic institution, on Saturday welcomed the Danish Parliament passing a law criminalizing the burning of the Quran.

The Azhar Observatory stated in a report, that the Danish Parliament voted in favor of the law on Thursday, with the approval of 94 members out of a total of 179 members, compared to 77 members who rejected the draft law.

The new law punishes violators with imprisonment for up to two years or a fine.

A statement by the Azhar Sheikhdom said on Saturday: “This commendable and appreciated step will put an end to attempts to attack and trespass the sanctities of Muslims, and consolidates positive citizenship, societal peace, and world peace.”

It called the law “A step in the right direction to reduce the intensity of anti-Muslim hate speech.”

Azhar expressed hope that the step would be an incentive for other European countries that witnessed similar incidents to enact such legislation that prohibits insulting religions and religious sanctities, in a way that ensures societal security and peace.

It previously called on all Muslims to continue boycotting Swedish and Danish products “in support of the Book of Allah,” following repeated incidents of burning the Islamic holy book by extremists.

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